Live. Write. Learn

Early morning is so quiet and peaceful that I’m a little sad for all the days I slept in and missed how beautiful it is.  My morning ritual is to take my meds, start my coffee, sit outside while the coffee brews then back inside for the coffee and start my studies.

Being a full-time student and mother and employee is a busy life and one that can be a little lonely.  There is no time for friends and when you have been in school long enough your friends just kind of go on with their lives.  I have only a few I talk to on a regular basis, one I study with and the other is my sister.  But early mornings are different, there is no loneliness only an appreciation for the incredible beauty of the early morning.


Published by E or Ms. Lioness

Poet, survivor and thriver. Neurodivergent and not afraid to show it. Mental health advocate, trauma survivor, Dx: Depression, anxiety, panic, C-PTSD, ADHD and there is a very strong change I reside within a spectrum you may have heard of…. I accept that there is darkness in me. I accept that when you have experienced trauma, for much of your life, there is no escaping your dark side. I choose to be mostly good and I accept that the good and bad is all mine.

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