Time Warp…Again Anyone Singing that them song?

Wow, so 3 years, a marriage, a pandemic, a few jobs changes and my daughter graduated HS and is halfway through college. So, I’ve been a little busy lately.

I’m not going to bore you with all the gory details, there was trauma, therapy, very, very bad times and..well things are pretty good right now.

So good in fact, that I am finally writing again. Soooo, if you are into deep, sometimes dark poetry, social justice and a whole lot of feminism (inclusive-of course) Then you my friend are in the right place.

Get ready for some crazy stories all real, some killer poetry and sometimes my unadulterated opinion about whatever is on my mind. Oh, before I go, Mental Health is HUUUUUGE here. It’s cool if it’s not your thing but here is probably not the best place for you.

So question for anyone that might have come across this dusty, poor neglected blog.

What do you thing of the following terms, why and what would you use in their place?

Mental Health, Mentally Ill, crazy, nuts, therapy, counseling, disorder, deficit, sick

If anyone is out there I would love to hear what you think. Stay tuned, I’ll give my thoughts on them tomorrow and tell you why I feel the way I do.

Take care, choose kindness, be inclusive, be empathetic….STAND UP FOR YOURSELF YOU ARE WORTH PROTECTING!!


Published by E or Ms. Lioness

Poet, survivor and thriver. Neurodivergent and not afraid to show it. Mental health advocate, trauma survivor, Dx: Depression, anxiety, panic, C-PTSD, ADHD and there is a very strong change I reside within a spectrum you may have heard of…. I accept that there is darkness in me. I accept that when you have experienced trauma, for much of your life, there is no escaping your dark side. I choose to be mostly good and I accept that the good and bad is all mine.

One thought on “Time Warp…Again Anyone Singing that them song?

  1. Mental Health = Would not change as it is simply an alternate to physical health and people understand that.

    Mentally Ill = Mental Issues. Works well vs back issues, leg issues etc.

    crazy = Ban in the context of mental ability

    nuts = Ban in the context of mental ability

    therapy = professional treatment

    counseling = professional support and guidance

    disorder = see mentally ill above,

    deficit = see mentally ill above

    sick = see mentally ill above.

    My basis for those answers was to find terms which are respectful of the individual involved, and yet effective in communication. Too often we generalize on a condition which then becomes misleading. 🙂


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