The Importance of Vocabulary & Open Dialogue

There are so many experiences we all have in our very first year that most of us have no memory. We have stories we heard from parents and caregivers and sometimes those stories feel almost like a memory. When it comes down to it and you really push your brain for anything that feels evenContinue reading “The Importance of Vocabulary & Open Dialogue”

Asking for Help – Abilities vs. Disabilities

My history of neurodivergence is one that only surfaced in the last year. This is because the vocabulary for the way my brain works has only been around for the last several years. In addition to the words, their meanings have changed and sometimes words and meanings are thrown out. Wanting to know about whatContinue reading “Asking for Help – Abilities vs. Disabilities”

My Take on “Mental Health”, Trauma, Grief and all the slippery feels.

In general, I don’t have anything against the term Mental Health. In practice, in real life, in therapy, in the doctors office I see things differently. No one wants to go to the doctor and be told that they are sick and certainly not with something that will hang on every day for all ofContinue reading “My Take on “Mental Health”, Trauma, Grief and all the slippery feels.”

Time Warp…Again Anyone Singing that them song?

Wow, so 3 years, a marriage, a pandemic, a few jobs changes and my daughter graduated HS and is halfway through college. So, I’ve been a little busy lately. I’m not going to bore you with all the gory details, there was trauma, therapy, very, very bad times and..well things are pretty good right now.Continue reading “Time Warp…Again Anyone Singing that them song?”

When The World is Scary, This Makes Me Happy

I had to make an appointment with my endocrinologist today.  My 6 month sonogram and lab work.  This makes me cry every single time and every time I am in and out of panic attacks for the entire day; sometimes more.  But this one simple thing.  My dining room table with the polka dot tableContinue reading “When The World is Scary, This Makes Me Happy”